Moto Z: The replacement of the classical flagship Moto X has a brand new look

As Motorola has been officially acquired by Lenovo mobile corporation few months ago, the classical flagship line Moto X is soon replaced with the model name “Moto Z”. The new Moto Z has a brand new and distinguishing look with interchangable rear cover that offers more option on customization that suits users preference. This time, MotclubHK has bring us the latest leak of the new Moto Z smartphone design.


The new Moto Z rear camera is the biggest highlight. The camera module is surprisingly large and comes with 3 parted design. There are several cases from StyleMods that offers Moto Z rear cover with different design and texture that can be instantly swapped for the best overall design.


The Moto Z also will comes with expandable modular like feature that connects through the 16 pin connector from the cover. Apart from modular block such as external battery, Hi-Fi DAC and mini projector, the StyleMods is also one design concept that fits into the modular theme of the Moto Z.

According to the pictures above, it is likely that this Moto smartphone customization is no longer covered by Moto Maker. Nevertheless, the Moto Z series smartphone will be launched at Lenovo TechWorld on 9th June this month with a slogan of “Redefining smartphones”.

Let’s see what surprise will be given on the day!

Source : ithome, cnbeta

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