Motorola RAZR foldable smartphone design & specs leaked?

As per announced by Motorola (Lenovo), there will be a new foldable smartphone named as RAZR will be launched on this November. It is the attempt for Motorola to relive the RAZR brand.

From the concept photos below, we can see that there is a button on the bottom portion of the smartphone which we speculate it as a home button. It could also be the fingerprint sensor.

联想发力!Moto Razr可折叠手机外形曝光

Spec wise, there are two variants where one sports Snapdragon 710 and the other offers Snapdragon 855. The Snapdragon 710 version is offered in 4+64GB & 6+128GB variant.

The secondary display in the front has a resolution at 600 x 800. After expanding the primary display, it is sized at 6.2″ with aspect ratio at 22:9 and resolution at 2142 x 876.

联想发力!Moto Razr可折叠手机外形曝光