New Digi Internet Freedom 90 & 270 offers 50Mbps from RM90/month!

Today, Digi telecommunication has announced that they are expanding high speed fiber optic network for Digi to support over 3.7 million local household. Earlier July, Digi has entered the fiber optic network with head on head competition with leading players such as Maxis, Time & UniFi.

And recently, Digi telecommunications has added two new plans which are Digi Internet Freedom 90 and 270. The Internet Freedom 90 is a basic plan that comes with 50Mbps speed with monthly cost at RM90 while the Internet Freedom 270 comes with 800Mbps for RM270 per month.

With the new addition into the fiber network for home, there will be better competitive pricing and greater services for consumer.

Click here for more information on the fiber plan.