New Digi prepaid leaked! Monthly 4GB only for 48 and free unlimited internet on midnight!

If you thought that unlimited quota was a thing on the past, you were greatly mistaken, With every passing month, there are more telcos launching affordable plan that comes with large amount of quota along with unlimited calls and texts. In a lot of ways, Digi seems to be attracting potential customers with a new crazy plan!

This is especially evident with the a teaser on the new Digi mobile internet prepaid plan which originated from the DiGi Super Deals prepaid plan that comes with 50% extra quota and unlimited interned on midnight!



Existing Plan:

  • RM7/week (250MB) + 1am-7am (250MB); now comes at 300MB for each week and midnight!
  • RM10/week (500MB) + 1am-7am (500MB); now comes at 650MB for each week and midnight!
  • RM15/week (800MB) + 1am-7am (800MB); now comes at 1GB for each week and midnight!
  • RM20/month (500MB) + 1am-7am (500MB); now comes at 650MB for all day quota (1 month valid) and midnight quota!
  • RM30/month (1.5GB) + 1am-7am (1.5GB); now comes at 2.25GB for all day quota (1 month valid) and unlimited midnight quota!
  • RM48/month (3GB) + 1am-7am (3GB); now comes at 4.5GB all day quota and unlimited midnight quota!

For more details on this plan, stay tuned at Zing Gadget for latest update of the new DiGi prepaid plan!



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