New Facebook update brings HD video upload, video download feature and more!

If you had upgraded to the latest Facebook application on Google Play Store, you might have noticed that there is some change in some of the features. Facebook for Android now officially support HD video upload and download. Let’s see what’s new on the latest Facebook update.


Upload videos in HD


As video uploads to Facebook in HD format has been available in iOS device long time ago, this feature is now available in Facebook for Android. User have to manually adjust video upload settings (refer to picture above) to upload HD videos to your profile.

Videos download


It’s now possible to download Facebook video for offline use.

Video Playback quality

As previous Facebook playback feature has allowed HD and SD playback option, there is more playback quality to choose when you play videos on the new Facebook app.

Easier browsing

The newly added two arrows (on the top right) allow switching between different post without the need to swipe up and down.


While some of the feature is location dependent, you can update your application get the best Facebook experience on your mobile today.