New iPhone 7 technology to sheild its users against electromagnetic waves

With the raising speculation and traditional mindset of radiation and its plausible relationship on harmful effect on the body, many has raised their awareness on the electromagnetic waves and radiation emitted from smartphones and household appliances. According to ETNews, Apple is planning to add a new electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding that will shield the user from some of the major hardware such as digital chips, radio frequency (RF), connectivity (wireless LAN, Bluetooth) chips that could be emitting invisible electromagnetic waves.



According to ETNews, the EMI Shield technology on semiconductor chips takes place by adding a process that covers surface of packaging with ultra-thin metal. Packaging businesses perform such process by using sputter that covers chips ultra-thin metal shield. Packaged chips will be loaded onto EMI Shield sputters, and handler equipment (unloaded) that takes out chip packages that are done with shielding process is also necessary.



Current generation of smartphones does not feature the possible reduction of electromagnetic waves by shielding the hardware compartment in the smartphone. With the addition of a cover on some of the radio emitting modules such as WiFi and Bluetooth, the emission of radio waves can be reduced to some extend.

It is also stated that Apple is now working with StasChipPac and Amkor for manufacturing of EMI shielding technology into the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Does this new technology clears people fear on electromagnetic waves from smartphones? Or does it create more wireless transmission issues?

Source: ETNews