New LG entry-level smartphone priced less than RM50!

With the advancement of processor computing power and computer functionality, smartphones today are now packed with more power and some price is affordable. This increase in standard of living results in depopulation of the entry-level smartphone as those are less welcomed. Meanwhil, LG has marketed 2 entry level smartphone – the LG 15 Sunrise and LG16 Lucky with an incredible cheap price tag  at only USD $10 (~RM42.8) and available in US walmart!

The LG15 Sunrise and LG16 Lucky are both the same smartphones equipped with 3.8 inches TFT display. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 and comes with 4G of RAM and 3MP camera. It comes with 4GB of microSD storage since the internal storage left is less than 2GB.

The LG 15 and LG 16 differs in the network supported (Tracfone & Verizon). With USD $10 in mind, there is nothing more to expect for this smartphone.