New LG G6 teasers shows image preview while taking photos

The new LG G6 flagship design and hardware has pretty much revealed and LG has official teased its fan on their new LG UX 7.0 with revamped icon design. This time, a new leak has show that the G6 is able to take photos while reviewing photo without the need to launch the gallery app. How incredible and useful of that!

LG G6除了防水 拍照還可以邊拍邊瀏覽

The teaser below shows G6 has a clean and simple camera interface. When users take photo in 1:1 aspect ratio, the camera interface are shown at the top while allowing you to review previous images at the bottom. Images can also be deleted by pressing the delete button on the top right.


The rear camera of the G6 comes with dual 13MP rear camera that primary focus in wide angle shot up to 125 degree. The camera also support 360 degree panaromic mode  and food mode. Its camera could bring a whole new level of shooting experience for photography enthusiast.