New Qualcomm entry level SoC QM215 launched with Huawei models in trial

A new entry level Qualcomm chipset has been revealed online with a codename QM215 which is now targeting entry level smartphones on a budget.

This piece of hardware will be featured on entry level Android Go smartphones in which the performance is even lesser than Snapdragon 400 series.

The QM215 will bring 4x CPU cores and clocked at 1.3Ghz and GPU clocked at 650Mhz. Although there is no details on the manufacturing process, it is possible for it to stick to 28mm similarly with Snapdragon 410.

Besides, there is a mysterious Huawei smartphone which is currently undergoes testing with Qualcomm QM215 platform and we could expect a entry level Huawei smartphone with Qualcomm chipset.