New S-Pen designed leaked, similar as a ballpoint pen

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is just around the corner. However, we have seen leaked image of the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 5. Surprisingly, the alleged new S-Pen has a brand new design which remind us of the common ballpoint pen that we use everyday. Here’s how it looks like

The new S-Pen comes with a great metallic feel. Regarding the metallic alloy material, could this make the S-Pen might be more heavier than before? Nevertheless, the new S-Pen also features a similar button that is present in other previous generation of S-Pen.

The top of the S-Pen also feature a pen toggle button that present on all ballpoint pen, what could the function be?

Would the new S-Pen automatically eject with voice command? Or is t here other button to eject it without pulling out the pen? All myths will be revealed later this year.

Source : androidguys