New USB 4 expected arrival on 2020 with Type C support

The new 4th generation USB will be first arrive after Q3 2020 which promises high throughput and even deliver power up to 100W!

40Gbps!USB 4标准正式官宣:完全集成雷电3特性


As for the USB4 transmission rate, it has doubled compared to the USB 3.2 peak, reaching 40Gbps, which is consistent with Intel’s main Thunderbolt 3 interface. The USB 4 is similar to the Thunderbolt 3 and it is now fully available for everyone.

The USB 4 also provides up to 100W of power to connect to an external graphics card, 2x 4K displays and a 5K display. The USB 4 only uses Type C as the standard connector.