New XiaoYi camera: Enhanced clarity with better specs!

Earlier this after, the new generation of Xiaoyi smart camera that is well known for its price to quality has now officially launched. With the first generation launched in year 2014, XiaoYi camera is known for its budget friendly pricing and a user friendly operation and interface with more than 3 million units sold worldwide. The new generation of XiaoYi camera now comes with better hardware and enhanced feature: Full HD capture and enhanced night vision that produce high quality video recording.

169元 小蚁新款智能摄像机发布:大升级

Xiaoyi Full HD smart camera also comes with enhanced motion detection and voice recogniton that will automatically notify owner when any movement is detected or when baby crying noise is recognized. With a decent internet connection, user is able to stream through live happening where the XiaoYi camera is located.

169元 小蚁新款智能摄像机发布:大升级

The new Xiaoyi camera also offers storage through 32GB SD card, Xiaomi router backup and Xiaomi Cloud. With a pricing at RMB169 (~RM109), this budget-friendly camera makes an ideal monitoring camera for home.


Source : 驱动之家