Nexus 5X bricked on Android 7 upgrade?

The latest (to date) Android 7.0 has been rolled out weeks ago and almost all the recent Google Nexus smartphone and the exceptional case – LG V20 will be able to get the taste of the new Android before others. However, the upgrade experience isn’t smooth for all Nexus user, especially those who own the Nexus 5X.

Google has officially acknowledged that a minor portion of the Nexus 5X has encountered boot loop (continuously restart) which could cause potential harm onto the hardware. Currently, Google’s way of solving this issue is by sending this smartphone for repair or by exchange. This proved that Google isn’t able to fix this bug directly through software patches and this issue might be far more severe than a common software bug.

If you own a Nexus 5X and would like to upgrade to Android 7, please take precaution on every steps and backing up all your data when you perform the upgrade yourself.