No GST for Prepaid reload card starting from 2017!

With the implemented of GST in year 2015, this new policy has build up a positive income growth for government bodies but created stress and elevated living expenses for middle class family and lower. Goverment Service Tax (GST) implementation on telco prepaid plan causes poor and middle class to paid extra just to get credit value that worth below it’s offered. As an effort of prime minister Najib Razak to reduce ‘rakyat’ burden and cost of living, the GST for prepaid top up/ reload card will be removed by next year.

By removing GST charges imposed to prepaid reloads, user can get all their credit value for what they paid. This ultimately benefits all user who uses prepaid plan from all telcos. As for sudden plan for withdrawal of GST on prepaid card, could you sense that something big is coming?

Source : 星洲网