Nokia announces breaking 5G world speed record, reaching up to 4.7Gbps!

As for 5G telecommunications, Nokia is one of the key supplier of 5G infrastructure in the current market. Recently, Nokia has broken the world record for 5G transmission speed. With the combination of their hardware and software, they have reached 5G speed up to 4.7Gbps!

It is tested in Dallas, Texas with 800Hz wave and EN-DC mode which is capable in reaching 4.7Gbps. It is the fastest 5G spee to date and it will be deployed in the US telco market.

This achievement relies on 28Ghz and 39Ghz milliwave radio and combines with Nokia AirScale to provide 40Mhz LTE frequency along with EN-DC connection. This allows the device to be connected with 5G and LTE network at the same time while providing better bandwidth.

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