NVIDIA launches RTX 20 series graphics card with 2080 Ti/ 2070/ 2080 from RM3699!

Back in 21st August (today) morning, NVIDIA Founder cum CEO has launched the next generation graphics card with the RTX20 lineup. It will bring the second revolution to graphics card after the first CUDA technology that impacts the world in 2006.

Coming from the birth of the first Nvidia 256 GPU, the development and innovation of graphics card has been progressing over the 19 years which surpass Moore’s law that technology will growth exponentially over time. It has long relied on rasterisation as the technology to render an live image. While it can appears as much similar to modern world scenario, it is not possible to get even closer or duplicate a real world event.

The new “Ray Tracing” technology will be the key to the RTX 20 series success which means that objects are tracked in real time to create ideal projection and shadow which eventually resulted in a realistically good looking shadow and graphics effect.

While ray tracing has been out in the market for the past few years, its less competent to emulate or to calculate lights projection that simulates the real world. The new Turing architecture fuses Turing SM, RT Core and Tensor Core with aid of AI technology for the best rendering of graphics and shadows calculation. It will be supporting the newest DirectX Ray Tracing (DX12 DXR).

In contrast with Pascal chips, it has 60% larger in core spaces with over 18.6 billion transistors in action. The SIM CUDA core is capable to calculate up to 14 TeraFlopsand the RT Core can calculate up to 10 Giga rays per second and the Tesnor Core with 110 TFlops assist the depth calculation.

Being the pioneer of such new technology, Nvidia has invented several new calculation algorithm for better light ray and shadow tracing.


There are upcoming games that supports RTX graphics card launching soon.


And here comes the highlight, the RTX series graphics card!

The RTX2080Ti has 4352 CUDA core with base core at 1350mhz capable of tracking 10 Giga rays per second. The 2080 has 2944 CUDA cores with core rate at 1515Mhz and tracks 8 giga rays per second. As for the 2070, it has 2304 CUDA cores that is capable to track 6 giga rays per sec.

It is now open for pre-order with 3 models starting from RM2046 to RM5379 and you can get it here and here