OnePlus 2 launch event in a nutshell


The highly anticipated OnePlus 2 smartphone has finally launched today. We organized the information and without further ado, let’s review the features and specifications of the OnePlus 2!


It has been 461 days since the launch of OnePlus 1 smartphone. Today, OnePlus once unveiled another powerful smartphone. Could it still be named as flagship killer this time?

Let’s see from the spec



Running Snapdragon 810, comes with 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM, 3300mAh battery, dual nanoSIM standby, 5.5 inches, 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, finger recognition technology.. those are the specification commonly found inside each high end flagship smartphone. However, OnePlus uses USB Type-C on the smartphone data transfer cable for high speed transfer!








OnePlus Two uses newest IPS-NEO display which is known as the best in terms of image clarity.  It has 178 wide viewing angle along with brightness up to 600nit!



Although S810 was known for overheating issues, OnePlus 2 insists on the implementation of S810. However, OnePlus added few more heat insulating layers which it claims to have the heat of Snapdragon 801. We’ll see if these extra layers have effect in reducing heat output when we tested it.

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Although 13MP rear camera is the standard of flagship, It has a laser autofocus of 0.2 seconds and image pixel sensor at 1.3μm which boosts the image quality at night. It also has a revolutionary new OIS technology!



OnePlus 2 also have a unique feature where sliding the button on the left side allow switching between different profiles such as silent, do not disturb and ringing mode.



Honestly, fingerprint sensor has become a norm of a flagship. This time, OnePlus didnt make a new module placement for the fingerprint sensor whereas the fingerprint sensor was simply located on the home button. You can also unlock the smartphone within 0.36 seconds!Sounds convienient, eh? OnePlus also integrated this smartphone with Alipay so users can just perform a transaction with the fingerprint sensor!



USB-Type C cable! OnePlus could be the first connecting smartphone with USB Type C cable.




The curvy rear cover has total of 5 different texture upon selection, each suits their own preference and taste. The smartphone is currently priced at RMB 1999 (RM1228) for 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM while RMB2399 (RM1474) for 64GB ROM! It will be available on 8 August in Beijing and Shanghai whereas as it will be released overseas on 15 August.




However, when will it come into Malaysia? Dont be late this time! 😉