OnePlus 7 Pro rated 2nd on DxOMark with score at 111

As the OnePlus 7 series has just launched early today, DxOMark has updated their system with the OnePlus 7 Pro being one of the top camera performers in smartphone industries! The camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro is generally rated at 111 which is ranked second on DxOMark scoring table.

OnePlus 7 Pro wins itself thanks to the HDR, instant autofocus and good detail preserved after zooming. Its background blurring algorithm also makes up a good final image.

However, it still lack its strength on wide balance and noise can be seen on in-door camera shoots.

For more details on photography performance and its detailed rating, please visit DxOMark for more info.

The selfie score on this device is rated at 86 and seated on the 6th place on the chart. The front camera is rated at 90 with video recording at 81.


The front camera is able to preserve skin colour and facial details well enough in the final image.

However, there is still some object being left behind when taking a front camera shot. Low light environment also will create noise which is certainly not a good thing on the final photo.

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