OnePlus 8T camera benchmark result released, slightly poorer than its previous generation?

The OnePlus 8T is the newest flagship released last year and it is awarded with DisplayMate A+ for its great 120Hz display. Today, DxOMark has revealed that the OnePlus 8T camera benchmark score is set at 111 which sits on 47th position this year.

DxoMark has commented that their camera takes good picture with the right conditions. However there are room for improvement such as limited dynamic range which means some bright and/or dark areas in the frame can clip in high-contrast conditions. When shooting at night, our testers also observed some fairly strong variance in exposure and dynamic range between shots.

The OnePlus 8T also captures better exposure indoor but suffers with high amount of noise. The camera also offers wide depth of field. Low light also resulted in colour inaccuracy for the camera.

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