OnePlus H2OS finally released – featuring Material Design interface!

The first OnePlus phone was manufactured with its operating system design under Cyanogenmod, an open source developer for major level of Android. Soon after the termination on the agreement with Cyanogenmod, OnePlus announced the release of OnePlus H2 OS (H represents Hydrogen in the periodic table of elements) yesterday!

The H2OS is an Android Lollipop based OS which features the unique significance of its design. The H2OS focused on design (where Material Design comes to live), localization (China?) and artistic appearance. Meanwhile, there are 8 different colors along with different structure and shape. Without further ado, let’s see some of the UI of the H2OS!

As seen on above, the common dock on the stock Android user interface has been removed. This H2OS also grants you a “33% more freedom” where the top section of the display is separated from the bottom part. The main icon section in a single home screen only allows 9 different application icon to be displayed on the bottom.

You can customize the wallpaper on the isolated column on the top!

The new Material Design icons are truly amazing!

Here comes the clock interface of H2OS! All of the icons and text were displayed in a slanted direction.

H2OS also comes with a personalized “e-business card” alike feature. By converting all your contacts into QR code, other people can get all of your contact details which includes phone number, email address and location with a single scan with QR code scanning apps.

Besides, OnePlus also allows the rooting of the H2OS and does not automatically voids the warranty. Even flashing other customized ROM does not void the warranty if the device when something wrong. This H2OS is currently opened for beta-participation program but it is unlikely that it will opened in Malaysia. Nevertheless, the Oxygen OS and the Hydrogen OS is one of the most highly anticipated software from OnePlus!


Source: mydrivers