Oppo R7s: A significant markup not just in battery size

Once again, TECCM has leaked a new model design of the Oppo R7 “enhanced version” – the Oppo R7s! Without further ado, let’s have a look on the leaked design of the Oppo R7s and compare what are the true differences and the improvements are.

The Oppo R7S is a enhanced version not just with a larger 3000mAh battery, the total internal storage also increased from 16GB to 32GB. To compensate with larger battery capacity, the dimension and thickness of the devices also increased to 6.77mm. Other specifications and hardware remains the same.



Apart from the specification change, the design of the R7S is also slightly differs from its brother. The Oppo logo was embedded onto the bottom of the devices where the hardware key are replaced with software buttons. Lastly, does most O fans like these changes on the R7S or do you prefer the old R7?