OPPO shows 5G cloud gaming solution with League of Legends as example

OPPO has highlighted their 5G application in the smartphone industry and one of it is the cloud gaming. In their recent Weibo post, OPPO has demonstrated cloud gaming which you can play on a smartphone! Is there no more limitation on gaming platform based on devices?


OPPO MWC19秀肌肉!下半年商用5G  手机可以玩英雄联盟

OPPO MWC19秀肌肉!下半年商用5G  手机可以玩英雄联盟

With 5G network, Download Wangzhe Rongyao sized at 1.96Gb can be done less than 1 minutes. OPPO stated that 5G offers high speed and lower latency thus can be applied in gaming & several industries & application. It also facilitates IoT for its growth.

OPPO MWC19秀肌肉!下半年商用5G  手机可以玩英雄联盟

When the 5G network has been popularized, we can expected more connected appliances, self driving cars and even gaming without hardware dependencies!