Over 18 thousand Android app violates Google Policy including unauthorized tracking & advertising

As Android smartphone remains the largest market share of smartphones, apps available on the Google Play Store or even the internet could potentially reach out thousands to million of people worldwide. A research reported by AppCensus shows that there are over 18 thousands Android app that have violated Google Play advertising ID policy which collects patient data without user consent.

As per their discovery, these app set a permanent recognizable tag to each user by obtaining their IMEI, serial number, Android ID, SIM card code to track its user and collects data wihout user consent.

Although Google allows developer to input recognizable tags, they are not allowed to combine advertising ID & hardware ID to produce highly tailored ads. User will not be able to “escape” regardless of clearing cookies and rest ad ID.

These offensive apps is as below (and it’s time to uninstall them)

Do your smartphone contain such app and worried about your privacy? Well, it’s the perfect time to get them uninstalled.