Pebble Time and Time Steel available to order from 22 June!

The new Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel was first appeared on MWC earlier this year which went viral due to its long battery life and high usability and a colour display. This smartphone has become a great competitor with the Android Wear and Apple Watch and set to debut on 22 June!

The Pebble Time comes with a coloured e-paper display which is different from the conventional LCD or IPS display found on other smartwatch. The great advantage of this e-paper is the durability, which offer a long period of usage without a recharge. It also comes with a microphone and a timeline to display the notification and updates from the smartphone. The battery life of the Pebble Time can last up to 10 days!

Pebble Time (left), Pebble Time Steel (middle), and Pebble Steel (right)

Here are the pricing list of the Pebble smartwatches.

USD RM (approx)
Time 199 747
Time Steel 299 1121
Pebble Watch 99 372
Pebble Steel 199 747

For more details on this smartwatch and how to buy, click here