Play online game without deducting data quota with U Mobile Game-Onz!

Soon after the launch of Video-Onz and Music-Onz that allow unlimited streaming of music and video without affecting monthly data usage quota, the new unlimited data for gaming service – Game-Onz is now officially launched! With as low as RM18 per month, you can now enjoy playing multiplayer game with no concern of monthly quota deduction!


The Game-Onz service is currently exclusively available for U Mobile prepaid user which include multiplayer game such as Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, FIFA Online 3, Team Fortress 2, BlackShot and Echo of Soul.

The 3 plan above does not include Vide0-Onz services. To subscribe, simply dial *118*3*5# or sign up through MyUMobile app!


You can also use your extra prepaid credit to buy MOLPoints and Steam Wallet Code! Promotions end 31st December 2016.

Source : Soyacincau



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