Project Ara is still alive, launching next year!

Did anyone has a slight idea on the Project Ara prototype that made the whole crowd at the Google I/O 2015 go wow? Although not much news has been heard on the Project Ara development during last year, this modular smartphone concept is still alive and will be officially available from next year!

The concept of Project Ara modular smartphone was a new idea arises from Google Advanced Technology and Project (ATAP) department in the year 2013. The first prototype of the smartphone has revealed on year 2015 where it was successfully boot up at the Google I/O 2015. Facing various obstacle, Project Ara was supposed to launched at year 2016 but it was later shifted to year 2017. However, the new modular smartphone from Project Ara looks more stylish, minimalist and simplistic, rather than big and bulking modules seen on its prototype.



The latest model now support up to 6 modules with the support of hot swaping. It also facilities voice command for automatic ejection of such module. However, the latest model has slight variance from its prototype where SoC, battery, antenna and sensor are fixed permanently on the device whereas the rest of the hardware such as camera module, fingerprint sensor and secondary display can be easily swapped.

The amount and compatibility of the module makes the biggest hurdle for Project Ara modular smartphone development. The development of module from various manufacturer is also much needed for the long term support on the modular smartphone. Nevertheless, there should be more availability on the support of modular smartphones next year ahead.

Source : 数码窝