PS5 will goes onto the market on time, not be hindered with the current pandemic

With the recent outbreak of the pandemic, many Sony fans and users has concern over the release date of the Sony newest gaming console – PlayStation 5.

According to sources, a reputable Sony executives has stated that there the production is not affected by the current pandemic. Hence we can expect the PS5 to be launched on time.

Prior to this, Sony has too shown the above teaser showing that the PS5 will be coming this holiday season, marking December as its launch time.

There has been specification leaks which compare the technical details on the PS5 to PS4. The PS5 will feature a CPU with Zen 2 architecture and GPU with custom RDNA2 architecture. There is also 16GB DDR6, 825GB SSD, 4K 120Hz or 8K output and 3D surround sound.

Judging on the specifications, these specifications could be compared head to head to a modern gaming PC in a normal extend. It is finally the time where console gamer can get 30fps and above.