Qualcomm collaborates with Samsung for Snapdragon 845

With the growing numbers of devices running Snapdragon 835 processor today, Qualcomm has started its research and development for a newer chip for the future of smartphones. Sources suggest that Qualcomm will be working along with Samsung for the upcoming system on chip – alleged Snapdragon 845.

According to “ajunews”, Samsung has previously manufactured Snapdragon 820 and 835 designed by Qualcomm and it is no surprise if their next generation processor will be manufactured under Samsung microelectronics Inc. The new SoC expected to complete its design on October this year and could be featured on Samsung Galaxy S9 next year.


While Samsung and Qualcomm hasn’t release any official information, the new Qualcomm chip could be using the new 10nm manufacturing processor that offers 10% more performance and 15% less power consumption than 1st generation chip.

Source : pocketnow