Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 10nm process beats Kirin 960, Exynos 8890 in benchmark

One renowned leader of mobile chipset manufacturer – Qualcomm will be unveiling their latest innovation of Snapdragon chipset development on the stage of MWC end of this month. The high end mobile chipset Snapdragon 835 has grabbed multiple attention from performance enthusiast in which performance and innovation is much anticipated from its product. However, there is a news leaked its benchmark results before the chipset is officially unveiled, and its benchmarks score are terrific that goes beyond today standards.

大杀器!骁龙835跑分曝光 麒麟960一声长叹


大杀器!骁龙835跑分曝光 麒麟960一声长叹


Tech terms aside, the 64 bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 offers a single core score at 2004 and a combined core score at 6233. It has a main clock speed at 1.9Ghz and a total of 8 cores. Let’s put this result into comparison with today SoC from Huawei and Samsung.

Kirin 960:

大杀器!骁龙835跑分曝光 麒麟960一声长叹


Snapdragon 821:大杀器!骁龙835跑分曝光 麒麟960一声长叹


Samsung Exynos 8890:

大杀器!骁龙835跑分曝光 麒麟960一声长叹


The Snapdragon 835 has a higher performance (denoted by benchmark score) in contrast with Snapdragon 821 and Exynos 8890 but its multicore score slightly losses behind Kirin 960 that offers score of 6455. However, as GeekBench only offers benchmark based on CPU performance, Snapdragon processors are known for its powerful integrated graphical unit that would offer better particle renders and thus higher score in GFXBench against all competitors.

Source : 快科技