Razer launches ‘mental performance’ drinks with 4 different flavours

Known for its gaming peripherals and its smartphone, Razer is now venturing into F&B business with the new “RESPAWN” drink. It claims to increase mental performance when gaming.

The Razer Respawn comes in powdered form which can be mixed with water. As other energy or mental boosting drinks comes with high amount of sugar and caffeine, Razer Respawn doesn’t comes with sugar with the addition of artificial flavouring Sucralose and a caffeine content at 95mg. Although the caffeine content is higher than the RedBull at 80mg, it is mixed with more amount of water thus diluted the caffeine content.

Razer still advised user doesn’t consume more than 3 Respawn per day.


A 20 packs of Razer Respawn retails at US$24.99 (~RM104) and comes with watermelon, green apple, blueberry and tropical pineapple. You can also grab the Respawn water bottle at US$29.99




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