redONE Promo: 19GB LTE monthly data for RM50/month!

As most telco has gone data-centric nowadays, redONE also joins in the current telco trend by offering a new package with 19GB monthly quota for just RM50 reload into your prepaid account per month. Let’s find out more!

The Prepaid plan has comes with a RM6 preloaded credit and 500MB 4G LTE network, 1GB of capped speed and free calls to all redONE customer. With an additional reload of RM50, you will get 9GB of monthly quota and you can further purchase 10GB of quota with the RM50 credit value in your account, thus combining into 19GB of monthly quota.

However, the 9GB quota is divided per day where 300MB quota will be evenly distributed into each day per month. Apart from 9GB for RM50, you can opt for cheaper plan from RM10 to RM40 that offers 1GB to 9GB per month.  As for additional quota, user can purchase with a top up value from RM3 to RM50.

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