Reliability, availability and all things about OPPO Find X

Being one of the most fascinating smartphone, many has expressed their curiosity and love in the new OPPO Find X. The “X” from the name symbolizes the convergence of art and technology as expressed during the launch.  The biggest highlight is hidden layer of front camera that elevates and pops out when the front facing camera is toggled, which has never been seen practical before. Since it is the industrial first camera popping smartphone, many has questions on its durability upon impact, reliability after so many switches and even why is the OPPO Find X Lamborghini edition comes with a premium price. Today, we got all of your questions answered by OPPO vice president – Wu Qiang (middle of the photo below).



1) How durable is the front facing pop up camera?

OPPO has performed over 0.3 million times trials on the pop out camera and thus come to a conclusion that taking selfies everyday or unlock more than 150 times a day, OPPO can guarantee that it would last at least 5 years and above for its motor.

2) Since the camera elevates from the module, how do we fit in protector casing?

They will be providing a default smartphone case in each Find X box. While we curious on how the casing not affect its operation, we found that other suppliers for the relevant casing has been designed with the top cover detached from its body.



3) Can we close the camera by manually exerting forces?

Yes, you can. OPPO stated that its camera works similarly like the OPPO N3 rotating camera which can be flipped automatically or via manual.


4) What happen when the Find X falls to the ground with the front camera on?

OPPO reassures that the device will detect falling speed and immediately return its front camera back to its partition to ensure its safety.

5) Why do OPPO brings its smartphone to European market?

The smartphone growth in China has been depleting over the years and European region market has over 1 billion sales a year, thus bringing business potential for OPPO to exists in European countries. It has over 30 years of operational experience outside China and has relevant experience to expand its business in Europe.

6) How do OPPO able to expand its business in Europe?

With the relevant experience gained from other countries, OPPO can brings its customs and understand local consumer demands so that its fits in to the market. OPPO claims that they have over 90% of its staff is coming through Europe and thus they understand their people better.

OPPO European business representative has been working with their local carrier for collaboration. They have an understanding on the preference of their way of communication, demand on battery life and the art of craftsmanship.

7) With over 100 supercar brands in Europe, why do you work with Lamborghini?

OPPO has begin its collaboration with Lamborghini via mutual friends and luckily, both brands works towards a same goal – to bring the best design and craftsmanship to its consumer. OPPO VP has initiated its collaboration during the first visit to Lamborghini HQ during April and thus come to the collaboration. The OPPO Find X Lamborghini special edition came out after months and years of development between both parties.

8) Apart from smartphones, will there by any collaboration with the Lamborghini in the near future?

As the first smartphone collaborator with Lamborghini, OPPO and Lamborghini designer will collab together and brings OPPO VOOC Super Charge into Lamborghini supercar. OPPO smartphones might also be shown in Lamborghini showroom in the future.

9) What are the differences between OPPO Find X standard and Lamborghini Edition?

1) Standard variant comes with 256GB variant while the special edition is at 512GB.

2) Special variant comes with Super VOOC quickcharge (35 mins to full battery capacity)

3) Special edition comes with Lamborghini inspired theme thus brings up its elegance and status.

4) Special edition box is twice the size of the standard and designed by Lamborghini. It comes carved logo, a carbon fiber body and a proprietary Super VOOC cable.

And hence its twice the price.

10) When will it be available internationally and Malaysia?

OPPO Find X will be available in France, Italy, Spain and Netherlands by this August and available in China as follow. The availability in Malaysia has yet to be announced.