Samples shot of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with 108MP camera shows the most peculiar details

Ever wondered what does the 108MP camera on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra performs? This state of the art smartphone current offer camera resolution higher than 100MP which is similar to Xiaomi Note 10 series. Let us see how does the camera works!

As from Samsung, the camera lens is known as ISOCELL Bright HM1 with sensor size at 1/1.33 inch. The pixel size is just at 0.8 micron and when this combine, this create lots of vivid content.

The first generation on the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HM1 is now available on Xiaomi Mi 10 and Note 10 series. The Galaxy S20 Ultra uses the second generation of the ISOCELL lens.

The 108MP lens uses Nanocell 9-in-1 pixel technology which synthesize 2.4um large pixels through a 3 × 3 structure arrangement. This special arrangement able to generate higher light input and improve low light shooting performance.

In addition to this, the camera supports 8K @ 24fps video along with electronic image stabilization, Super PD focusing and more.

Here are some of the sample shots taken by the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 108MP camera.

As it is a 108MP camera, we can expect lots of pixels within and 1 photo taken by it will have 12000×9000 resolution. Can you image the file size of this image? However, worry not because the default camera resolution will not be set at 108MP at all time.

From the photos above, when the photos were zoom we can clearly see the ripples of the water and dog furs. There are no detail loss at all when zooming to such extends!

More pictures is available in this Google Drive and you can click in to have a look.


The 108MP Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is available in Malaysia at RM4999. Click here to grab it.




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