Samsung becomes the main supplier for iPhone 8 OLED display

2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone and it is expected that the iPhone 8 comes with a major revamp in its specifications and design. Apart from its design, the display is one of the most eye catching criteria that get its fans into buying their product. It is known that Samsung has signed agreement with Apple to supplier 1 billion OLED display panels to Apple. However, there is been news that Apple might want to increase its order for its OLED panel.

iPhone 8狂吃OLED屏幕:国产手机没屏可用

According to western media, Apple and Samsung has further expand their total OLED orders to 600 million units. While Apple has previously dealt with LG and Sharp for its display manufacturing, both of these companies has some limitation in display technology and which couldn’t supply for Apple by the year 2017.


It is also leaked that this deal is totaled at 43 billion with single unit price at 71 USD. With such price for its display, we could expect that the iPhone 8 would priced more than USD$1000 when it is launched.

Source : pocketnow