Samsung Bixby now fully supports American English and enters US market

When the Bixby was first launched with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the new voice recognition program is only familiar in recognizing and conversing in Korean. However, Samsung Electronics is proud to announce today that their Bixby program now enters US market with the support of American English. The road of learning American English has been tough but Samsung has finally make it competent in recognizing voices and conversing in American English.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAwiAAAAJGI5YjAyYzBmLTU0MzQtNDAxOS1iYTUwLWMwYmU3ZmEyMDdkNQThe Bixby is first known for its voice recognition program and execute commands without further user interaction. It can provides various useful information such as predicting weather, set up alarm and more. It can even read out emails or alter Google Maps navigation origin/ destination through voice, without human interaction.

With the full support of American English, the Samsung voice recognition program could be expanded in the future with more language support (e.g. Mandarin/ Bahasa Melayu) when the program become mature.

Source : Samsung