Samsung Bixby to recognize more language apart from English, Korean

The Samsung Bixby is one of the major highlight on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus that launched 2 days ago. The new Bixby is the heart of innovation for artificial intelligence, where it is design to perform task without human interaction and learns from user behavior. There is even an integrated key on the left that quickly launches the Bixby voice assistant for more user convenience.

While the Bixby is doing great as a personal voice recognition virtual assistant, there is much room for improvement for this new feature as it only recognize and support 2 languages, English & Korean. However, there is not to worry as Samsung has promised that there will be more language support to be added on the Samsung Bixby soon to cater the vast audience of the possible user across the globe.

But there is no exact date to expect arrival of the multi-lingual support on the Bixby.

Nonetheless, a statement leaked from Samsung Malaysia Electronics indicates that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be open for pre-order in Malaysia by 11 to 13 April but there is no confirmed date of availability from SME officials.

Source : IT之家



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