Samsung fanless air-con AR9500T launched in Malaysia for RM2399!

Samsung has added another new “fan-less” split type airconditioner in Malaysia today! This model is the AR9500T which doesn’t relies on strong wind to deliver cooling effect to the room.

Despite being “fan-less”, the AR9500T still uses fan. In certain scenario, the air-con will provide a strong blast of air to quickly cool down the root. When the ideal room temperature is reached, it will operate in a fan free mode where the cold air is released through the 23000 small holes on the air-con front panel. This “fan-less” design is ideal for those who are sensitive towards strong wind current, especially infant and elders.

The AR9500T also comes with module which can be easily disassembled to clean its air filter. It uses Tri Care Filter design which filters micro-particles and dust to improve air purity.

AR9500T also supports smart function where you can control through a smartphone. It can be connected to an app called SmartThing and this app is pre-loaded if you own a smartphone smartphone previously. You can use it to turn on/off AC, control temperature and more.

The AR9500T offers bigger blade and higher air input and output which can release cold air up to 15 meters!

As there is no fan during its operation, it can reduce energy usage up to 77% which can save you money!

Here are the pricing of the Samsung fan-less aircon AR9500T:

  • 1hp = RM2399
  • 1.5hp = RM2699
  • 2hp = RM3699
  • 2.5hp = RM4399

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