Samsung Galaxy Note 8 confirmed to launch on this August

Apart from the design concept and hardware leaks from various sources, the official launch date of the Galaxy Note 8 is now confirmed. The new Samsung flagship will be launched similarly with the predecessor during mid-August to cope with rising demand of Samsung’s phablet. It is also predicted it will come with 6.3 to 6.4 inches curved display with an aspect ratio at 18.5:9 and powered by Snapdragon 836 based on 10nm manufacturing technology.

三星Galaxy Note 8内定8月中旬发布:骁龙836、后指纹

An alleged prototype of the Galaxy Note 8 had appeared online recently but most replies has rebutted the authenticity of this picture, claiming it as a ditched prototype of the Galaxy S8 with dual rear camera.

Source : 快科技