Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the best-rated sRGB, brightness and colour accuracy

Recently, some experts from gadgets display benchmark institution – DisplayMate has run some of their display benchmark on the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and it is now officially one of the highest rated display on mobile industry today. The Galaxy Note 8 was rated with an A+ despite similar display has been available on its previous flagship – the Galaxy S8. It is because the S8 offers a maximum brightness at 1000 nits while the Note 8 is at 1200 nits, making it the brightest display on the same par of smartphones.


As for its colour uniformity and accuracy benchmark, the 6.3 inches display covers 112% DCI-P3 RGB colour space for US film industry and sRGB/Rec.709 at 141%. It offers a colour warmth at 6500K and support adjustment between 6800K to 8800K.

The Galaxy Note 8 offers a display panel which is officially certified as an authentic UHD panel from respective organization.


Despite a bigger display, the Note 8 displays uses 2 to 8% lower battery in compared with the S8 launched this year.

Source : 驱动之家