Samsung Galaxy S11 camera test leaked: 108MP camera, 5x optical zoom with telescopic camera?!

As summarized by Phone Arena on all rumors and leaks on the Samsung Galaxy S11, the next gen flagship to feature 108MP camera with 5x optical zoom. Mecatech System has now perform some camera slot test for the Samsung Galaxy S11.

三星开始测试Galaxy S11相机模组:1亿像素+5倍光变

The Galaxy S11 camera features a telephoto camera to avoid protrusion on its camera module.

There are total of 4 cameras on its back and its primary camera is a 100 million ISOCELL sensor with 5x telephoto zoom. It also adds Spectrometer and Depth Vision Camera to obtain object distance.

The spectrometer is usually used for health and fitness related feature. Such example is to determine the nutritional content on a fruit or to get alcohol percentage from a liquor.

On the other hand, it can also be used for analyzing skin moisture and fat content which can be use to suggest users on skin care.

The Galaxy S11 still features Infinity O display while the camera opening is much smaller than Galaxy S10 while the offering larger screen to body ratio for its display.