Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to receive Android 8 by today

After a long period of wait, Malaysian Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users finally can get to enjoy the new Android Oreo in their device today!

s7 edge

The new firmware is packed into 1.38GB and it is recommended that you to download it over WiFi. It is advisable to do all data backups and ensure that you have sufficient battery before proceeding with firmware upgrade.

The new update brings Doze mode that significantly increases battery life as it hibernates apps during sleep and activate once during the necessity time or when the phone is unlocked and activated again. It also brings performance enhancement as less app are hogging the processor and memory resource.

On the other hand, it also brings the Samsung Experience 9.0 that comes with improved navigation bar, search functions, Bixby notification and more! It’s strongly recommended to upgrade your device for a better and fluent experience.





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