Samsung Galaxy S8 display has adjustable display resolution from FHD to WQHD+!

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus represent the iconic duo of Android flagship for the year 2017 and it’s packed with tons of new feature along with huge change in design. Apart from the new features, the Samsung Galaxy S8 also had a large screen to body ratio along with their new Infinity Display with an odd aspect ratio at 18.5:9

Galaxy S8 and S8+ come with 1080p resolution as default, screen goes up to WQHD+

But do you know that it is possible to manually adjust screen resolution for different environment? Despite the display is capable to achieve WQHD+ 2K resolution, the default resolution on the Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus display is at FHD+ (2220x1080p). The display settings can be adjusted to WQHD+ (2960 x 144) or to standard 720p HD resolution (1480×720).

Tuning down resolution can greatly prolong battery life before require another recharges. How convenient is that!

Source : Android Authority