Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with 6GB RAM will be arriving in Hong Kong SAR

When Samsung Malaysia Electronics launches the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphone in Malaysia, it is stated that the S8 series only sports with 4GB RAM, despite some China flagships in Malaysia has begin to offer 6GB RAM at a lower price tag. In order to compete with those smartphone manufacturer in China, Samsung has launched a 6GB RAM Galaxy S8 Plus in China and Korea and it is now confirmed that the premium variant of S8 Plus will be available in Hong Kong SAR too.

不止中韩:香港喜迎6GB皇帝版三星Galaxy S8+

Apart from announcing the 6GB RAM, Samsung also stated that the Hong Kong models are all unlocked and comes with Snapdragon 835 SoC, similar with the China variant. While there is no news for the 6GB Galaxy S8 Plus availability in Malaysia, Samsung has organized a series of promotion on the S8 roadshow here

Source : 驱动之家