Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus telco bundle compilation

Today is the day that Samsung Malaysia Electronics bring their latest flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in the local market, followed by 4 major Malaysian telco which also introduced their bundled plan for the latest Samsung flagship. Let’s have a comparison on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus from Maxis, U Mobile, Maxis and Celcom!



There are 3 MaxisONE plan offered along with the Galaxy S8 with monthly commitment from RM128/month

  • MaxisONE Plan 128:Unit price(S8)RM128(S8+)RM145
  • MaxisONE Plan 158:Unit price(S8)RM113(S8+)RM130
  • MaxisONE Plan 188:Unit price(S8)RM98(S8+)RM115

Learn more at Maxis



As for Digi, the plan offered as below:

  • Postpaid 78(12GB monthly quota):unit price(S8)RM2438(S8+)RM2768
  • Postpaid 108(18GB monthly quota):unit price(S8)RM2158(S8+)RM2488
  • Postpaid 138(24GB monthly quota):unit price(S8)RM1878(S8+)RM2208

Visit Digi for more information



UMobile also offers the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with the following plan

  • Ultimate Device Plan 60(5GB monthly quota):unit price(S8)RM2419(S8+)RM2759
  • Ultimate Device Plan 90(7GB monthly quota):unit price(S8)RM2179(S8+)RM2519
  • Ultimate Device Plan 130(10GB monthly quota):unit price(S8)RM1819(S8+)RM2159


Learn more at U Mobile official site



Celcom offers their Galaxy S8, S8 Plus in FIRST Gold Plus and Platinum.

  • FIRST Gold Plus(20GB+20GB monthly quota):unit price(S8)RM2478(S8+)RM2808
  • FIRST Platinum(30GB+30GB monthly quota):unit price(S8)RM2168(S8+)RM2498

Learn more at Celcom official website