Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ launches to track your item, supporting UWB technology and retails at RM149!

Samsung launches the first model of the Galaxy SmartTag in this January and retails at RM99. It works with all kinds of Samsung phone and other brand names are unsupported. The new Galaxy SmartTag+ is the new smart tag that is designed to find and locate item in a shorter distance.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ appears like a keychain accessories and you can hook it up pretty much anywhere, such as key, books, wallet to your pet collar.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ uses Ultra Wide Band technology, which is able to locate an object as accurate in 10cm offset. It uses AR application for you to locate the missing item and ideal when the item is lost closer to your vicinity.

Due to the use of UWB instead of WiFi/Bluetooth on the first gen SmartTag, it is only available to use with device such as Galaxy S21 Ultra, Note Ultra and other selected phones.

This currently retails at RM149 but you can get it at RM109 during the promotion period via Samsung online store.