Samsung & Harman Kardon launches 2 new soundbar in Malaysia!

Samsung has been rapidly expanding their network and business by collaborating with industries such as Harman Kardon for expertise. Given the merging of the industrial audio specialist Harman Kardon, all Samsung flagships earphone is now tuned by AKG, which is a subsidiary of Harman Kardon.

Their recent collaboration is the 2 new soundbar, HW-N950 & HW-N850 that sports DTS:X audio and Dolby Atmos surround technology to experience lifelike cinema audio at home.

The N850 and N90 differs in the latter which sports a primary speakers & subwoofer, 4 sub speakers and 2 wireless speaker for surround audio. It can reach Channel 7.1.4 audio configurations. The N850 only has 1 set of primary audio and subwoofer to achieve Channel 5.1.2 audio configuration.

Read more about audio channel and how it affects the surround here.

As for the pricing, the HW-N850 is priced at RM4999 while the N950 is at RM6499. Both are available via Samsung authorized distributor center today!