Samsung is now developing Exynos 9630 with 8nm process, for new Galaxy A series?

Samsung Exynos is going towards the next height with the upcoming release of Exynos 9825. In the mean time, Samsung has been developing a mid-range SOC and it is called the Exynos 9630.

According to foreign media reports, Samsung is developing a processor called Exynos 9630, which is expected to be used on the Samsung Galaxy A series mobile phone in 2020, and a mobile phone called Samsung Galaxy is mentioned in this series of mobile phones. A51 mobile phone model.

In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy A50 is powered by the Exynos 9610 processor, so the next-generation mobile phone with the Exynos 9630 is at least logically reasonable, but whether the next-generation mobile phone is really called A51 is quite intriguing.

It will feature the 8nm process which could improves power consumption, at least.