Samsung launches Exynos 9810 SoC with 40% more performance!

Recently, Samsung has launched the Exynos 9810 SoC and it is the latest and top in class system on chip from Samsung LSI. It is established from 10nm LPP manufacturing process and offers 10% more performance when compared to first generation Low Power Early SoC with 15% less battery consumption. It is based entirely from ARM Cortex 3rd generation architecture with 4+4 big.LITTE design and clocked maximum at 2.9Ghz.

三星发布Exynos 9810:10nm 2.9GHz、单核性能翻番


In contrast with Exynos 8895 from Galaxy S8 and Note 8, it offers 40% more performance in single core performance with benchmark score at 4000 and thus expecting to break record for its total multicore performance. It also supports Cat.18 with theoretical download speed at 1.2Gbps similarly with Kirin 970. Other features such as 4×4 MiMO, 256 QAM, Licensed Assisted Access is also included.

For its camera and object recognition capability, it has greatly optimizes 3D facial recognition with improved AI functionality in recognizing objects. The single camera MFC decoder can supports 4K 120fps record and playback with 10bit HEVC and VP9 support. The processor is now under mass manufacturing stage and expected to be featured in next generation flagship soon.