Samsung Malaysia Electronics Wins Big at the Putra Brand Awards 2015

Putra-Brand-Awards-2015-Image 4

Samsung Malaysia Electronics, or SME for short, bagged few awards this year at the Putra Brand Awards 2015 – taking back 3 gold awards, and a silver award in 4 categories.

It’s amazing to see that Samsung surpassed their competitors and won gold awards in these categories :

  1. Personal, Household and Outdoor Applications
  2. IT and Office & Business Equipment
  3. Communication Devices

Also they won the silver award for the Camera category.

Seriously, for one brand to win these many awards? It’s a feat that no other had pulled off. Congratulations to Samsung Malaysia Electronics, may the following years be even more innovative!


Kok Kee

Electronics engineering student with the heart of tech. Also the Head Editor from Nasi Lemak Tech!