Samsung new battery technology doubles its battery life

Samsung always comes with fascinating technology when it comes to electronic gadgets and household appliances. From the release of the Exynos 7420 processor that comes with tremendous amount of processing power as well as battery efficiency, Samsung now once announce their new battery technology that could boosts its maximum capacity up to twice!

This time, Samsung replaces the typical positive (cathode) chemical element with Silicon. Although silicon is known as a good chemical element when making the cathode, recharging silicon battery will cause it to constantly expands and contracts during discharging. This pose a serious issues when it comes to smartphone, because you dont want to see your smartphone expand and contract during each charge and discharge cycle, right?

By overcoming this issue, Samsung uses graphene to cover the external surface of the silicon element and provides some space for the constant expand and contract of the silicon. Thus, without further expanding, the silicon battery could be put to a great use when it comes to making an efficient battery. In terms of battery capacity, the silicon battery also has higher density which there could be lower barrier when making a highly density battery that has higher battery capacity.

However, although this technology is theoretically possible to exist, it is unsure when would this technology finally put to use in smartphone and other mobile electronic devices.

Source : Engadget